You can find training material here:

A practical framework for addressing racial - ethnic disparities
Chronic conditions manual - 1st edition 2015
Clinical management of rape survivors
ECDC - Communicable disease risks associated with the movement of refugees in Europe
ECDC - Infectious diseases of specific relevance to newly - arrived migrants in the EU-EEA
European Public Law Organization - Intercultural mediators in greek hospitals
 Evaluation indicators for healthcare services delivery monitoring in the refugee centres
Family planning - A global handbook for providers
Food safety during summer - Greek, English, Arabic and Farsi guidelines
Gender-based violence - Emerging issues in programs serving displaced populations
Guidelines for food and water management at summer
Heatwave protection - guidelines in Greek and Arabic
HCDC - Use of RDT for malaria in refugees' POC
Health service utilization among Syrian refugees with chronic health conditions in Jordan
 Hunger strikes - Detention standard
IOM - Recommendations on access to health services for migrants in an irregular situation
 Manual of gender-based violence emerging issues in the refugee camps
MSF - Medical protocol for sexual violence care
Perspectives on alcohol and susbstance abuse in refugee settings - Lessons from the field
Prevalence and care-seeking for chronic diseases among Syrian refugees in Jordan
The treatment of cultural diversity - Women and migration from non-European countries to southern Europe
Therapies for refugees asylum seekers and new migrants
UNICEF - The community infant and young child feeding counselling package
WHO - Clinical practical handbook for safe abortion
WHO - Frequently asked questions on migration and health
WHO - The rapid assessment and response guide on injecting drug use