Primary health care provision at the refugee camps

The action is related to the establishment and function of an entire network of primary health care provision services (medical, nursing and psycho-social) that will operate at the refugee camps, accommodating migrants, asylum seekers, people in need of international protection and members of vulnerable groups. For this reason, it is foreseen the creation of health professional teams each of them consisted of a physician, a nurse, a psychologist, a social worker, a midwife and a cultural mediator.


The network is supervised by the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) of HCDCP, which is in contact with the field coordinators on daily basis and handles organizational problems that may occurred.


EOC is responsible for:

  • the qualifications and the provision of the necessary medical and domestic equipment to emergency health centers
  • the receipt of prescribed medicines daily forms as well as the logistics management of emergency health centers
  • the communication on daily basis with the field coordinators and health professionals in refugee/migrant camps

HCDCP’s proposal is the creation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the provision of data in real time.


Health professionals training programmes

The National Public Health School (ESDY) applied a short-term intense in-service training programme for the health professionals placed in refugee camps. The domain of training included cultural competencies, detection signs and therapy of sex trafficking and war victims, age assessment to unaccompanied minors, psychosocial and medical tests for communicable diseases, vaccinations, etc.