Financing from Internal Security Fund (ISF)

During the last two years, the Greek Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention received a total financing of 27 million euros for confronting the emerging needs created in the country by the refugee/migrant crisis. Therefore, a formal application for financing was submitted to the Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs, supervised by Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos.


The financing cost of the programme for 2015 was funded entirely by the Internal Security Fund (ISF), and its main actions were related to the immediate enhancement of NHS’s structures in specific areas as well as the reinforcement of National Centre for Emergency Care’s fleet with new vehicles. For this purpose, a total of 139 health professionals were recruited for nine months including physicians, midwifes, drivers/rescuers, cultural mediators and administrative personnel.


A significant part of the medical costs (including hospitalization, clinical tests, drugs, vaccinations, etc.) concerning refugees and migrants referred to public hospitals and emergency care services, was regarded as eligible expenditure and therefore covered a big part of hospitals’ budget located in Eastern Aegean. The project is considered as successfully completed since it presented an exceptionally high absorption rate (around 98%).


The Ministry of Health is in consultation with the relevant authorities of the European Commission to allocate additional funding for the above-mentioned region.